Graeme Sudholz

About Graeme from Oztantra

From Tractors to Tantra

Relationship counsellor, author and sexuality therapist, Graeme Sudholz, has a down to earth, straightforward manner. His approachable and still highly professional approach has supported him in working successfully with thousands of men, women and couples across Australia and overseas.

Graeme is direct and personable with a practical and grounded approach that men can relate to and women feel safe with.

Men who are weary of counselling that hasn’t worked or can’t be bothered with “touchy feel stuff” are validated by Graeme in a way that soon has them smiling and comfortable, excited about getting the most out of their relationship.

Growing up on the family farm in rural Western Victoria, Graeme spent 30 years passionately working in farming, alongside his first wife and their three children.

After his divorce, Graeme wanted to understand where the relationship had gone wrong and when he did learn, he wanted to share this knowledge with other people in the same position.

The Long Road

Graeme’s  personal journey  has been a long and winding road, dealing with early physical and sexual abuse, battling depression, and on to an extensive career in business and people management, trade and agriculture.

After selling his farming business and moving into town, Graeme took over a small civil contracting business. He applied his skills and knowledge and transformed it over four years into a successful interstate business with 25 employees.

Then along came the global financial crisis – kaboom! He had to pick up all the pieces and start again.

All this adversity has combined in making him a thoroughly grounded and no nonsense professional in his chosen field of relationships and sexuality. This combination of real life background, experience and skill, along with working from inside his relationship with his life partner Annette in this field has created a strong skill set.

Back on Two Feet

Graeme now applies his relationship counselling and sexual therapist communication skills comfortably to business people, shearers, mechanics and school teachers and accountants – we all need assistance sometimes. Clients have been pleasantly surprised by his skill, empathy and understanding when working with them in their relationship desires.

His many years of business experience also add a unique perspective for many self-employed clients struggling to achieve healthy work life balance and gain intimacy in their relationships.

Through his work Graeme, has:

  • learnt to open his heart to himself, to Annette and his children, and to those around him.
  • learnt to embrace his sexuality and not be ashamed of it.
  • become passionate about empowering others to heal the wounds of their childhood and stand up fully in who they are.

Along with Annette, Graeme continues to explore the depths of his emotional and sexual self-understanding as he believes it is vital to walk his talk. This results in him having a clarity and depth that is essential for a man working in sexuality.

Qualifications and Skills

Graeme is qualified in counselling services, including several years with  Lifeline, and is a qualified breathwork practitioner. His studies include tantra yoga, emotional intelligence, communication and relationship skills, breathwork, holistic psychotherapy, inner child and imago theory, with ongoing study with other teachers of tantra, including becoming a Certified Tantra Practitioner with the Source School of Tantra, Hawaii.

Changing Perspectives

These understandings and learnings have created a strong sense of compassion within Graeme to help men find their own new perspective, one that brings power, direction and meaning in to their life.

Graeme seeks to create and foster this different outlook in their approach to their sexuality, making it less about performance and more about expanding their pleasure through opening their heart and increasing their self-understanding.

Connecting with their own clear masculine sexuality and learning for themselves how to create, manage and own this is an essential part of being a man.

The book that Graeme and Annette have co-authored, ‘Coming Together’ has bridged a gap for clients who are not quite ready for a face to face discussion but are comfortable reading in their private time and space.

For those who are ready now, contact Graeme to start a conversation or make a booking and start making changes today.