Read a book on nurturing relationships and sensually satisfying sex?

I would prefer to just practise with my partner!

Yes, we get it. Hands-on is definitely more fun than theory.

However, this solution-based book provides real answers for those moments when things don’t go to plan, or even where they fall apart.

Coming Together is a definitive, no apologies roadmap for couples committed to seeking deeply satisfying sex and the best in their relationships to create and nurture a successful intimate connection.

Coming Together Book

Learn to create a deeply satisfying bond that lasts long after the honeymoon spark and practise techniques to stay connected.

This book normalises any struggles you might be going through without blame and offers solid and lasting tools to take you into increasing clarity and sustainable love.

What will you learn?

‘Coming Together’ provides the roadmap where:

  • You will find insight and suggestions to help you both fall in love with and desire your partner over and over again
  • Making love will become a place of safety, connection and life sustaining pleasure
  • Our simple ABC practice will help you grow closer together, rather than apart, during times of challenge

How will you feel reading ‘Coming Together’?

This book will empower and inspire you to:

  • discover and connect with your deeper couple desires
  • create your own thriving relationship
  • re-discover loving each other through challenges that life and relationship can bring
  • leave you looking at each other with that spark of something special

How will you bring what you’ve learned into your relationship?

‘Coming Together’ is not just about theory. It offers you an abundance of practical and well explained activities you can try for yourself and immediately start experiencing the benefits of your new understandings.

These simple yet powerful activities keep you uncovering and discovering each other for a lifetime, so that your loving and sexual desire does not fade.

‘Coming Together’ also bridges the gap for you from self-paced learning at home to consulting with Oztantra via one-on-one care, if you prefer more a more personalised approach.

Whatever level of learning you are looking for you can start with reading the book in your own time and tasting the activities offered at your own pace.

Have a sneak peek at the Coming Together outline here! 

From a place of understanding and trust in this comprehensive approach, you might decide to book a consultation with the Oztantra team.

You can have individually customised support of your goals, desires and objectives in your relationship or connect at one of their popular retreats, workshops or couples getaways.

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For over 400 pages of
insights, understandings, tips and practical exercises
to bring change into your relationship and your love life.

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